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If you are a small business owner and are trying to grow your presence on facebook BEWARE. They send you all kinds of promotions with no regard for you audience or budget. They are the opposite of helpful and not at all a partner in the effort to grow my business and its social media presence. The little guy always gets it !!! The customer service is smug and quite frankly they don't seem to get it. Its almost as if they are employing folks... Read more

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Facebook is censoring my freedom of speech!!!!! I just found out I'm bipolar and as a result I have manic obsessive tendencies towards research. I do extensive amounts of research and also SHARE the results I find on FB to my friends. Yes i have posted a lot in a short matter of time but it's because I believe in my ideas and myself. I am in no way abusing FB!!!! I'm expressing my opinions freely as the LAW CONSTITUTES AND IF YOU VIOLATE OR... Read more

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I have a hobby which turned more into a little business so my profile on Facebook slowly turned into a small business. I have been running this way for about a year and a half and decided I should change it to a page on Facebook to be in compliance. I attempted to achieve this by using the five different links supplied by Facebook, and lost all thousand friends and followers. I wrote to Facebook only to be given back the five links I have used.... Read more

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Hey, Facebook! I know that you are the greatest social media platform out there, congrats and all. Imma let you finish, but... please! please! change your algorithm so that I don't see what my friends liked! I hate seeing random photos of strangers in my news feed. If they liked something, only they should know/ see that. Why do I need to see photos of babies, party people, bbq or other posts in my news feed if I did not interacted with those?... Read more

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Hey Guys, Latest news in the market..... "FACEBOOK KE TAMBOO MEIN GHABRAHAT........" Blocking accounts for no reason......As a matter of fact there is a reason........ THEY ARE SCARED OF BEING KICKED OUT OF THE MARKET......... UNIWEBZ -THE MASTER WEBSITE...... FINALLY LAUNCHED...... Offering much more than what our dear OLD -FACEBOOK can offer.And above all offering free services like "FREE SEO Optimization" for life time, offering a common... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 29
  • #799969

Facebook blocked me for a whole day just because they are a bunch of Nazi who wish to kill freedom of speech

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 19, 2015
  • #685391

I was charger 75 dollars by I didint even supply my bank card information to them. So how the *** could i have been charged? I want my money back in full.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 03, 2015
  • #660470

Someone is using my own personal information

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 03, 2015
  • #660465

I'm getting harassment on my phone number and on my Facebook page. I need to know whose name is not a friend of mine

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Review about Facebook Account from Edinburg, Texas
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I am very upset i shared with a few friends thar i was feeling alot better after being tortured for Valentines da y of thid year from my omg true love and we were just discussing if maybe it was drugs because ive never been beat with a hammer and punched in the eyes almost left for dead with subdural hematoma yes i was bleeding in the brain he is guilty and i am still in shock, pardon me for discussing my healing and now omg they locked me out... Read more

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