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Your fact checkers are actually idiot! I guess I will get flagged for that.

I am an old woman and used common says such as: You sly dog - that in real English is a compliment, meaning how smart are you.

Next I got flagged for saying something in relation to myself.

I suggest you higher people older than 25 ti accommodate your elder users. I am very insulted by your petty censors who have zero idea how older people speak and the sayings we use, which are not harmful or going to hurt anybodies feelings.

You sell our information and spy on us, do your free app certainly is not free. I am definitely deactivating my account.

I suggest your fact checkers actually read the constitution of the United States and try really hard to comprehend what it means.

Your censorship of peoples simple terminology and use of the language is a travesty of justice and unconstitutional at best. When I see the absolute filth and blasphemy things this company allows.

I see the alliance this company and its founder have a deal with the devil. Time is running short and I suggest that whoever reads this makes themselves right with the Lord.

Disgusted and quitting tour application.

User's recommendation: Don’t start using this horrible companies application!

Location: Town And Country, Missouri

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What exactly did you write that they thought was offensive?

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