I had my account hacked I reported it to you guys you refuse to take it down or help me she is still at it its been a very nightmare for me I create another account thats actually really me and the other account that is fraud is still up I have attached pictures so you could see please help to correct this problem you guys make it so difficult to reach out when somebodys trying to get into your information and lying about you and sending out begging for money from friends youve been no help to me whatsoever Also if you do help me and take down this account I will lose all of my photos that are very valuable to me how can I not lose them please help my other account is Raymond P Martinez Jr thats me I knew when I had to make the one with the red hat Ray martinez is the one that got hacked

User's recommendation: you’ve been no help to me whatsoever.

Location: Colton, California

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