I noticed on June 8th or 9th when I couldn't sign in my fb I noticed from 1 of my Yahoo emails that my Facebook password was changed on June 1st and the email to state that it wasn't me was expired by then for me to prevent this from happening. I noticed that the hacker had added 2 emails to my fb account ending in .Asia and .Hotmail and deleted mine which is toya737371@***.com And I had to use my number to locate my account after that, but that was just to locate it, I still couldn't get access because my email was deleted by then, next I had to show my ID to provide proof of my account to have my email restored on my account.

But as I continued to try to get access, things keep changing and not working. The password reset isn't working. I keep getting the same code that doesn't work for some reason I don't know. But I believe the hacker is preventing me from doing things and is getting the same passwords when I get them do to the emails being on my account or is getting the real code and somehow sending me a fake one.

So I conclude that If I can have Facebook contact me for proof of it being my account and remove those 2 emails off my account I can get control back over my account easy. So I can now set up my 2step verify security to keep this from happening again. I need this done asap. My account and pages under my account is super important to me.

I need this help asap please before worst case scenario happens. Call me at 904469****. Or use my secure Gmail account toya737371@***.com if you have to send me important info if my Yahoo is compromised.

(these are my only 2 emails. Any other email under my Facebook account isn't mine.)

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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