I got a restriction of 60 days on my Facebook account. I went to find out why and it appears it is for a post from 2020 on Clorox Chewables.

This was a joke that was passing through social media on a comment that Trump made. This post was a joke and not to be taken seriously. Let's also really understand that this product does not even exist, so it is not promoting a product. Why Facebook waits until 2 years to put a restriction I have no idea.

This is unacceptable. Without going live nor advertising for 60 days this restriction will hurt my non profit, especially now that we have started a new fundraising campaign for our goals. I reach out to the community with this platform.

I have a lot of people I am responsible for with this non profit. Facebook will prevent from the progress of Andromeda Electric Orchestra.

User's recommendation: Do not post anything except for your dog and cat pictures on Facebook, everything else will get flagged.

Location: Panorama City, California

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