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By this point.. ive pretty much given up.

I have absolutely no way to recover my facebook account that has a:

Profile photo of a little black dog with a pink bowtie.

My facebook account is under:

Malenda Stefonos (Linda Jean Amick)


I have 2 other accounts under Malenda Stefonos ONLY .

those i can see and use.

I created c them for other reasons; however, the one above that i am tryingvto recover is my ORIGINAL FB account.

FACTS YOU CAN VERIFY ABOUT THIS ACCOUNT .. SO, YOU KNOW IT IS ME. have had it for about 14 years The last thing i posted on it is a photo of 2 newborn babies and a story that goes alongvwith it The thing i posted prior to that either 2nd or 3rd in order.. is of a black dog that looks like he is laying down..

only his shoulders and face are showing.. the caption says:

"Tell me the story again how you came and adopted me".. it says something VERY similar to that. The dogs eyes are so endearing.

the caption under my facebook profile photo says "Halfway to crazy.. not quite sane." (Lyric) the background photo (behind the profile photo) is of myself and my daughter. I am on the Left (as you are looking at the photo).. i have on a white sweater and i have my hair in a bveenie-type cap..

but, my bangs are visible slightly. I am not wearing glasses/My daughter is on the Right.. she has on a true-green and white top. It kind of looks like a football Jersey.

Her haircis a medium shade of brown and pulled up in a sort of ponytail bun. /If you look closely at the photo.. we both have some make-up on and are sitting at a table. This photo was taken at a MaryKay Make-up Party in someones home.

The profile photo, once again.. is of my passed away little black dog. He is part Scottish Terrier and part Shitzoo.. he is not really the "most" attractive dig; however, in this photo..

he IS especially handsome. He is wearing a PINK bowtie. He is looking directly at the camara.. at me.

He is laying on my couch .. sort of on a flowered pillow. Part of his body is on the pillow. Only "most" of his body is in the photo..

NOT his hind-end or back feet. He is laying-sitting.BTW: i have LOST this photo, now, as i have lost access to this facebook account. . The only place i had THIS photo is in my fb pictures.

This is the most valuable reason i neeeeeed to recover my account.

My pup.. my dog.. he was my whole world. I had rescued him 1 day prior to him being Euthanized at an Animal Control.

He had been terribly abused by humans. It took him about 6 months to fully trust me. But, when he decided to trust.. it was as if he had done a 180 turn overnight.

He, then, decided to trust "anyone" that i trusted. He was the love of my life.. so to speak (not literally). He went through some of my very worst and very difficult times with me and helped me si much.

Beyond belief. I only had the joy of having him in my life for appx 2 and 1/2 years. He passed away suddenly of some sort of a central nervous system gone haywire. THAT was more than obvious; however, the Emergency Veteranarian said that it looked as though he had Menengitis.

But, his labwork showed no signs of Menengitis. ... To FACEBOOK: I do NOT have a printed photo of this one (the profile one). It is my very favorite photo of him.

I am still grieving after 4 years since he died. My grief has not lesseoned. It still feels as if i have a million shards of glass stabbing my heart. YOU can, probably, pull up THAT post that i wrote after he had passed away.

Ive no doubt that you can pull it up and read it. If you DO read it.. i wrote that very line about "shards of glass". Please read my post.

My post about my Bud (Oliver).. my little black dog.. it was associated with a GoFundMe account. Im sure you can verify "should" say that on my page.

i desperately want THIS photo back; thus, i need my ORIGINAL FACEBOOK back. Again.. i have had THAT facebook for apox 14 years. If i am not incorrect..

included in my "favorite" photos undernearh the cover photos and that saying (Lyric).. there is another Black dog.. a Scottish terrier. He has been passed away, now, for appx 6 years.

I do NOT have THAT printed photo, either. My info: My daughter is listed.. Salena Neuwar. She recently (within the last 6 months) changed her facebook name from Salena Feldkamp to Salena Neuwar.

My neice, Christina Patnode, is listed as such. some of my FB friends are:

Kathy Taraschke

Carla Scott-Bogan

Carla Frye

Lisa Meece

Dr Chappell

Dr Jain

JC Avery (may be listed as sister)

Carribelle Coleman Mosley

Nathalie Rose

Cynthia Beasley Lee I, probably, have 200 friends. Im, honestly, unsure of how many Under my Profile photo.. i am listed as:

Owner and Administrator of "Malleys Closet 1X-5X Plus Size Clothing I started THAT facebook group about 2 or 3 yesrs ago.

There are appx 300 members. It is for larger sized womens clothing If you scroll on my group page.. you will see a true-red long wool coat size 5X Sharon Layton is, also, an Admiinistrator of that group.

Okay. Thats a LOT of my given verifiable information to PROVE that I am who i say i am.

Please, please check those FACTS.

Thank you.


I am unable to retrieve my FB account in ANY of the ways that facebook has offered to me: My phone.. nor, my email will accept or, at leadt, SHOW ME, the PASSWORD "CODES" .. so, that i can enter them.

THIS is NOT a possible way to retrieve my account. The area where FB offers me to list 3 "trusted contacts" and, then, have them receive a code that i, then, am supposed to enter.


THAT WILL NOT work. It keeps denying my friend/contacts names. It will accept noone i put in.

However... Facebook has NOT asked me for 2 forms of ID (identification) which i recall that they DID offer me THAT option once before for a different issue on a different account.

Could FB offer me that as proof that i am "me" ?

OR, BETTER YET, Cant you simply send my email (listed at bottom of page) a LINK to simply reset my password... as, i have given you so much information that is verifiable information..


Please, please.. PLEASE help me.

I thank you,

Malenda Stefonos




Preferred solution: Back into my original Facebook. None of FB offered solutions will work with my email/phone/trusted contacts form.

Facebook Pros: I miss and love my original facebook.

Facebook Cons: I can not retrieve my account in any of the offered ways.

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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