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Laken stratton runs a business called trusted trustang way. She is not a horse trainer nor a tip trainer..

She has only been riding horses for 3 years. Yet claims to be an expert. She has a long history of animal abuse, Scamming people out of money,Harassing people, slandering iInnocent people.. She uses this page to acquire more animals to abuse and more people to scam.

She also uses this page to To stalk people then bash them on her personal page laken Stratton. Any time someone tries to warn other people on community groups,she has them deleted by threatening the people in charge of the group. Which continues to let her find people to take advantage of. Please please research laken Stratton and a trusted trustang way.

she a very dangerous women and is using fb to abuse animals, slander Innocent people and scams people out of money.

I would love to talk to a actual person about this. She is using fb loop holes of the rules to continue to harass people and hurt animals

Preferred solution: This person band from fb..

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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