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I urgently need your help. There is a user Albert Westley who we believe is a fake account and this person is pretending to be someone else.

However, the main issue here is that this memorial page was setup by this person who is spreading fake news and harassing my mother Rose Grant but mentioning that she is linked to her brother's death (Butch Harris) which is all a lie and so untrue as he was murdered in 2016 and no one has been found guilty by the South African Police Services. We believe this Albert Westley is actually my uncle's ex-partner whom fell out with the family at the end of 2016 as he was expecting more money to be paid to him from my uncle's life policies. His name is Fanie Van Der Schyff and I am not sure if you can see if he has any links to this account at all as we are quite certain this is the actual person behind the Albert Westley account. However, this person has made up so many crazy conspiracy theories about my uncle's family and friends being involved in this murder.

I have reported these posts as harassment and so far, only 1 post has actually been taken down from this account however there is another post below which I received feedback from the support team that it does not go against the community rules however this is a total lie as it is against community rules as it is promoted fake news, hate speech and a lot of emotional distress to family and friends who are still grieving.

As you can imagine this is a very sensitive topic and my mother has been affected terribly by these posts false accusing her of being involved in a murder of her own brother whom she loved dearly.

Can I please request the Facebook team to remove this post and ensure that the harassment and hate speech stops immediately from this fake / impersonated account? Also, would it possible to help us track down the location of this user via IP as we would want to press charges against them for

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Website.

Preferred solution: Deleting this persons account and ensuring they don’t open another memorial account for Butch Harris as nothing they are saying is true. It’s my uncles ex partner who is sour as he was expecting more money to be paid out to him from the life insurances. .

Facebook Pros: Friend, Talk to family, Keep contact with family, Staying connected with friends, Love it and messenger.

Facebook Cons: Do not have a direct facebook support ability.

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