hi my name is brian kayfish from nipawin sask..i've been on fb for over 10 yr's and have had a few issues but things always somehow got fixed,,luck.. but i think or know i was hacked or somethinganyway i cant get on facebook no how..it's been so long `since i've dad ti-utaa============================================================================

hi my name is brian kayfish from nipawin sask and i've been happily using facebook for over 10 yr's now, sure i've had issues like a lot of people but usually just closing my eye's and pushing a few buttons it work's out..anyway i cant get back on fb until i sign in and like i said it's been quite some time without having to but i'm older now and my memory is bad and i've looked up and down in my home with no luck finding my sign in info..i've maybe changed my e-mail address and maybe passwords but with my memory and health issues for 8 yr's now so the bottom line is i have no idea how to sign in. i really depend on fb for many thing's but mostly to access buy and sell sights in my area because of my serious health issue i cant work so i buy and sell from home just to keep my head above water .so what i'm asking no praying you can fix this somehow from your end so i can get back to normal because without your help i cant access friend's on my friend list that i have no way to contact them..it just started a fe day's ago when i think someone was trying to access my acct ..can you please help me reconect with fb..trust me this is me for sure and not some clown trying to get my personal info...please call me whenever you get a chance and let's get this girl back on track..thank you so much,,happy sunday to you

oh and i dont own a cell phone so i cant get text messages just my home number..

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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