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Update by user Feb 14, 2022

Not solved at all...I was completely ignored, and they even gave me a chance for a proper review of the case by an human...Facebook simple don't care about it's users, they only see them as the way to an end...profits for the company.

Original review posted by user Jan 15, 2022


Once again I'm trying to contact Facebook to denounce the stupidity of their automated censorship algorithms...

During the last year of 2021 alone, I got banned for 30 day's without any previous warning 6 in just one single year I got half of the time banned for no fair reason.

According to the draconian one sided autocratic "community standards" I got banned due to "Hate Promoting Speech" and I wonder why calling anything "stupid" or "ignorant" is considered "Hate Speech"...?

I manage my professional activity via Facebook, so imagine my losses just because a stupid algorithm system without any human supervision or review cause to my activity and income...?

It's absurd that Facebook promote itself as a "great" platform for business but then in reality they ban you for no logical reason and create huge losses on your business...just because they can...

I'm getting each day more tired of so much surveillance, censorship and disrespect for the privacy and personal opinions of their users that they see just as a way for creating profit by selling to 3rd parties our personal data without any consultation or consent...

This autocratic attitude has shown the real mentality of this company...And all the recent news on it's internal work and business model expose the fact that Facebook only worry about profits, not people, society or moral values...

I'm considering starting a legal process against Facebook due to all the time and money lost due to it's nonsensical bans for no reason or a valid justification. I've already found out that Facebook is deliberately and automatically censoring any phrases were the word America or American is written...

apparently they are trying to block or erase any kind of discontent against a nation, and that is social manipulation in a global scale.

This is getting to serious and Facebook continue to refuse any proper revisions or to change their crap censorship system that shouldn't even exist in any democratic society.

Anytime Facebook is answering in any court about their malpractices they stated that Facebook is not a content provider but only a communication platform to avoid any responsibility on content spread via their platform... But they act as a content provider when they watch and censor what any user publish on their profiles or answer to any thread...and I don't even talk about the private vigilance they do on their messenger app, were any personal and private messages are surveilled and also censored if the system consider that what a user write to any of his personal contacts is "against" their own "standards"...

One thing is real...Once again I've got blocked just because on an answer to a friend post I mentioned that "Americans were stupid and ignorant to believe and spread all sort of conspiracy theories" not even 3 minutes after I received the 30 day's Ban message without any way for asking for a proper revision...The usual answer from Facebook is that " due to the pandemic they don't have any humans available to check about any ban revisions. Their usual tactic...Ignore the user..and keep the ban even if it is for no reason.

I wonder what is the main goal of the company with this attitude? Piss-of the majority of it's users, manipulate society, eradicate any discontent, normalize public opinion about everything...?

Another huge problem is the reality of having Facebook ads for fake companies, Scams, Drugs Selling and other illegal and criminal enterprises that even when denounced to Facebook, they keep it on and even answer saying that they haven't found anything wrong with the page or the add...even when their users are getting scammed and lose money because of it...

Doesn't surprise me at all this kind of behaviour, as all the whistle blowers stated this company only care about their main goal, profits...!

I just ask for justice...!!!

Please stop banning my profile for no reason by stating that: "On the last year you had X times banned for any stupid reason..." and then using that to ban you again or keep the ban active...due to that stupid system I got banned half of the last year...were I pass more time on the Facebook "Jail" than "free"...and all of the bans were based on nonsense reasons that any human would consider a mistake from the system itself.

But until now I don't even got the chance to expose the mistake to any human...I just got the usual automated answers and no actions.

I will wait a couple of day's to check if this time Facebook decide to review this stupid situation, if I don't get any answer from Facebook I will send this case to the European Court for Human Rights and also for the EU consumer protection court.

And after let's see if this company decide to end this disrespectful way or dealing with their users. Because is already to much disrespect to not even provide a proper human Costumer/User Service like any other company does...!

My best regards:

Paulo Hoffman

User's recommendation: Don't trust this company They have become the threat Orwell warns all about in his book 1984.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Pros: Social networking, Personal archive.

Facebook Cons: Constant surveillance and censorship, Social manipulation, Disrespect to their users, No human user service, Draconian and biased comunity standards.

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