My account has been hacked! Each time I try to log in I have to change my pass word!

This started when I got a friend request from a friend of Jerome Thrash who I found after calling him that someone has hacked his account! These people had hacked Katie Noel, my older brother, niece and other accounts! What they do is act like they are who people thinks they are, tell them about some federal grant program, sounding legit scheme people into giving them all their FB account info! Pass code everything!

Once in and you go in that they claim is a way to verify who the victim is, they then try to get the victim to send a fee with a itune card! These people 2 times I tracked is somewhere in New York, New York! How can or will you go in to my Face Book account and get rid of this Jerome Thrash who been messaging me! I deleted him from my Face Book friend list but some how the hacker still manages to control my account and keeps changing my pass code on me each time I change it!

I need this account for at least 3 more days to be able to maintain contact with my lady friend Esther until she fly's in Monday night! Most everything else I care less about as most everything else is just a bunch Democrats and Republicans beating each other up over what ever! I am neither of those!

Just in the middle hoping all the crazy stuff will disappeared someday soon! Thanks and God Bless!

Location: Franklin, Ohio

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