Dear Facebook,

I am contacting you to let you know I feel I was singled out in your decision to restrict my account for 30days.

I know my verbage was inappropriate but It was hardly bullying. The person that I was replying to was the one bullying Suzanne Summers right on her fb live show she did last night July 30th from 8 pm to 9pm eastern time my time.

The woman was saying things much worse than I and several others were telling her to get off there that her comments were not appreciated and thats what led me to say what I did. She was saying nasty stuff to several on there. After I blocked her, that's when Fb notified me of my account being restricted for 30 days

I am guessing she reported me and she most likely got off the hook

I think honesty fb hires trolls to go on fb lives or just public comment threads in general to cause problems so people get kicked off for defending themselves .

I would appreciate it if you would please take the restrictions off my account as I have to be able to communicate for business purposes

I do not think its right you allow hate groups on fb but come after people for expressing themselves in a non violent manner

This really needs to stop.

Maybe I need to join the class action lawsuit that is going on against Fb right now.

People have had enough of being censored.

I would appreciate your cooperation in unrestricting my account.

I will no longer engage with rude people.

Sincerely, April L.


April L. Potgiesser

Location: Detroit, Michigan

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