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Dear sir, i humbly request you to please recover my facebook account i have to tell you in brief for better understing i dont remember when I created my account may be in 2016 or 2017 with a Aircel phone number which is- +917******** but today this aircel number is blocked because the Aircel company shut down due some reason i dont know and i I created my account by only phone number i did not set any gmail account in facebook and i gave name to my id Arman khan and after i changed name Sheiikh Arafat and after that i named شبانہ عرفات and it was the last name which i changed bcoz after that I deactivated my fb account due to some problem with my girlfriend. I knew if i will just deactive my account then definitely one day i will open and do not wanted to use facebook in my whole life so thats why i decided to deactivate my account permanently first i changed my fb password and i set a password by closing my eyes and the same password i copied and pasted again and after that i deactivated my account and i took my aircel sim from my mobile phone and kept in a locked for 3-4 years so that I cant open facebook and click on forgotten password and then i recovered my account thats the reason why i did this. But sir today in 2021 i need my facebook acount i am trying to login by entering phone number and the password but it is not working i dont know what the password i set in 2018 i m just trying to memorise but I cant, i also clicked on forgotten password fb is sending a code to my aircel phone number but my aircel sim is blocked due to company shut down, when i m inserting my sim on phone it is showing that emergency calls only no messages nd calls are coming nothing its totally blanked and today i cannot port my aircel sim to any other telecom company because nobody is doing this if you have any idea or answer then please tell me how can i port my sim to any other so i can recover my fb account

Facebook Pros: I can share my best photos and best memories, Messages and pictures from those i can no longer talk too.

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