whom it may concern,

There has a been a misunderstanding with my account. I woke up this morning to my account being suspended due to a content that was uploaded that had to due with child nudity.

So I quickly checked my email to see if I recieved any email from Facebook for unrecognized log in and I did. The email was sent to me at 4:11 A.M that my account was logged in from Indonesia, and at 4:16 A.M another email was sent from Facebook stating that my account has been locked due to a photo that is in the category of child nudity. So my account has been hacked from Indonesia. I did not upload anything and I have proof of both emails that clearly show that this action wasn't done from me as my location is in Toronto, Canada.

As well Facebook asked me to send a proof of photo ID to confirm my profile and I did send them my ID so they should know this action is not from me.

I really need my account back as I use it for my business. Please do take this seriously as I am in need for my account to be enabled as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mohamad Hammoud

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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