Dear Facebook team..

Im hilal ur rehman bhat, using phone number 954102**** and email id: bhathilal666@***.com.

My account is disabled from December 30, 2021 and i tried everything but still my account is disabled. I tried the review identity form and emailed facebook support.

But facebook is showing me there is no one in this pandemic covid-19 to review my account. i tried report a problem then i tried accessing and downloading my id information but facebook showed me that there is a problem to fix it soon. Your security system by mistake disabled my personal Facebook account, have submitted all appeals found on YouTube and tried with help centre.

My many years of life, family, friends, moments, my business pages moderator and my important job document, all is lost and job at stake! please solve my problem i really need my account back or i will be in depression.

Please do something and get my account back please!

Location: Gurdaspur, Punjab

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