Hello, someone hacked into my account and changed the number, password and back up email on the account. I can not retrieve any password since the code gets sent to their email.

They someone have a picture of my ID and they are messaging people asking for money and saying they are me by sending my ID. My facebook was created Over 10 years ago. My ID doesn’t match my facebook due to me always using a nickname or stage name that I created when I was trying to be on television.

My name is Jazmyn Perez (legal) and I go by Jazzy Reyes (my mother’s maiden name is Reyes) my email is Reyes and everyone has always known me that way. My photography business page IS LINKED and my phone number IS linked to my facebook - that’s the only way I can think of proving that it’s mine.

I cannot access anything and I’m worried they have been messaging anyone to get what they want. Please, I need your help. I can verify anything on the account. Down to the last think I posted and some of the first pictures from years ago.

Any help would be great.

They took money from my personal account which i will be getting with my bank but i don’t want them on there. I just want my account back

Location: South Bend, Indiana

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