My fb account was hacked on Aug 30th. and each time I report it or my friends report it, nothing happens .

The hacker has changed the password, Phone number and email, so whatever I do, I cant seem to get around it or get back in to my old account. The hacker also got into my Streets of San Francisco group.

My friend Debi Taylor was helping me the first 4 to 5 days after my fb account was hacked, but nothing worked. So I wish fb would have a better system in getting back into your account.

One way fb could tell my account was hacked is I had used the same phone number and email to open my account 11 years ago and why would I change it to one that dont belong to me? Also, why would my new fb account have the same phone number and email as the hacked original account?

That alone should prove something change and that I got hacked.

Otherwise,there would be no need to start a new account with the same name 2 days after I was hacked. Its not that difficult to figure this out.


The real Aaron Shen

User's recommendation: Don’t get hacked and accept unknown people on Facebook.

Location: San Francisco, California

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