My account was taken over yesterday by someone i dont know. They logged me out changed my email addresses and i camt recover my account as the email address dont belong to me.

The phone numner is 401365**** theres tqo accounts both are mine. I have attached three photos one is me trying to regain access the other two are email addresses i didnt approve, nor doni know them.


Spencer is my account. The only email address that is mine is harleychase55@***.com

The old email i no longer have access to to open the account was btchybabiegurl69@***.fom

I have also used spencer.lauralee@***.com on that same account.

I have even submitted my passport.

That account has my pictures of my children and family members that have passed. I need my account back please.

I need all other contact information reset passwords sent to me and me only. As the other names on the account are not mine

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