Okay I have had two phones stolen the last couple months my last phone was a $500 phone I had to delete my whole phone wipe it out get rid of my old Google account my old Facebook and everything it was hacked so bad the same person stole my phone but I couldn't prove it the first time I tracked my phone to her house by using finder she lives literally address 461 is her lot number and the address is 424 North Broadway Street she's trying to steal $2,000 from me she's supposed to do things on my Facebook dating sites with my kids pictures on it of course my kids are dressed it was a family outing but regardless she's creating a lot of havoc in the town that I live in please help me my life has been threatened because of this I don't know what to do I want to press charges will you help me and I would like somebody to amend saying that it was hacked and it wasn't me please help

User's recommendation: Keep your phone near you at all times have it secure and have a 2ay to track your phone.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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