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Hy Facebook team

I m having problem to log in Facebook

Because someone had hacked my fb account i got scammed by someone who is unknown to me and my Fb account is linked with my on line game pubg

Now am not able to use neither the fb nor pubg kindly help me

Because i spend too much money on pubg like 2000$ Aussi dollars and i am so much depressed

Now i m gonna make a complaints against that hacker to the cyber crime office

Kindly give my account back to me

User's recommendation: Be awares of these scams.

Preferred solution: Hacked account back.

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This site you posted on is not affiliated with Facebook help. Please be sure to mention, in your cyber crime report, that Facebook offers victims of hacked accounts no LEGITIMATE way to self report the crime to directly to Facebook.

The craziness of Facebook failing to provide any way to contact them when a victim's account is hacked needs to end. You will find many scammers who will take a report about your hacked Facebook account ,with all your personal details, and ID photos, but none that are legitimately affiliated with Facebook Help.

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