On July 24 I received an email that my account had been access my account and now disabled.

I tried to get a password change, but it showed an email beginning with the letter 'W'. My email starts with the letter 'S'.

Hacker put the 2fa so I can't even put the generated code in.

Who knows what is going on in my account.

This person could be buying items or bad mouthing my church member. I'm besides myself.

Not only that, i have several games that are logged in with my Facebook account that i have paid money into.

I also buy and sell items on market place

I tried to get again in my Facebook account with my picture ID but still not able to access my account.

Please help. I have my family who live 400 miles away and my friends from my church. I have had my Facebook account for over 13 years, and don't want to start another account.

I have friends who are praying for my husband who is going threw chemo treatments.

And I have pictures and my high school reunion. I

I have video of my mom's last birthday with us and many pictures I can't now access because the phone I had was ran over. There is no other way to coming up with no other way to stay in touch.

I have 3 attachments for you to see.

1st is showing the email I received about it being hacked.

2nd attachment is the email that isn't mine that starts with W. So this is the one who hacked my account.

3rd is my Id.

But there is nowhere on this platform to include them.

It has been almost 2 weeks since this started and i do still get emails telling me i have now over 100 messages,

My email is skybluebeauity@***.com

Please Respond asap

Thank You

God Bless,

Ramona Bieronski

User's recommendation: Keep trying I don't know if this helps, I will come back and tell everyone if it is any help at all.

Location: Schererville, Indiana

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