if you go through these two articles where did you find that subject that is against the community. When i have been highlighting on the very subject of vedas and upanishads.

You mean to say that talking about the very subject and objective understanding of the very essence of mythology or art and culture is against the society here. Sad but truth has to be told. I have seen many other posts where i have seen, and they are being published.

My account specifically with username naradlaramachandra@***.com has been blocked too. And someone has hacked the account.

I would want to know what is happening in and around here.

And i am expecting a proper answer from the authorities as i see, they have insanely violated my subject as well.

When you go through my specific material believe me there is no nudity or obscenity content as well. Whatever i have written is pertaining to explanation of the mythology.


Naredla Rama Chandra

0912137**** /0912146****

username naradlaramachandra@***.com got blocked it not being unblocked

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

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