I was making a group for my business and I was adding a bunch of people and then all of a sudden this thing popped up saying Facebook controls how much you can comment post or do other things while on Facebook because of spam. I signed on the next day and it was telling me I was No longer able to get into my account.

I was directed to send a code a verification to my cell phone number. Unfortunately the number that was on my account is an older number that I no longer have. I got a new phone number and did not updating in Facebook so I am not able to get into my account at all. I tried to contact Facebook numerous times I even went to the extent of calling my cell phone provider to see if I can change my phone number back to my old one but unfortunately thats not available.

That phone number has been disconnected. I lost over 3000 friends on there and over 10 years of pictures and memories not including all of my business that I run on Facebook.

Location: Pottstown, Pennsylvania

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