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I tried to log in to share a post and it logged me out and locked me out face book is such *** ***

User's recommendation: Have help center.

Preferred solution: Like to have my account opened .

Location: Williamstown, Massachusetts

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Dear Facebook team hello sir my name is gourabh Shakya I have been using Facebook for the last 4 years and I ve never tried to go against Facebooks rules and regulations a few day ago my facebook account was blocked and facebook security system told me to get identified facebook account I identified myself by following the rules and regulations of Facebook but today after a long time I still do not receive any mail from facebook. Although my facebook account was not against your rules and regulations it has been permanently deleted and no mail is being received I have to return my account because this account is very important to me all my business account are in thes account and all relatives are friends with me in this account but I am provide you all identity whith is enough to reopen my facebook account I hope you look my appeal and open my facebook account as soon as possible thanks facebook team Your name: gourabh Shakya Your mail: gourabhshskya@***.com DOB: 1jan 2001

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