Was talking to my son on messenger and was locked out of my account was told that I had to send my my ID take a picture sent my ID they said it was blurry I had to resend it again went ahead and resend it again have not heard anything from Facebook and still locked out of my account the facts but they've given me I'll come back to businesses I'm not a business I'm a disabled person I think Facebook should be shut down I think the United States government should get some guts and balls and shut them down and start to govern what they can and cannot do this is wrong that they can lock people out of their accounts law-abiding citizens that don't do anything against the law or against the terms of service but yet they end up getting screwed and they've got my Visa card information and I can't go ahead and take it out I had to contact my bank and have it cut off where's the Justice in that Mark you can kiss my ***


Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

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