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Cannot login, code sent to email even changed my password still cannot login I have 2 way factor set to on . Can log into my messenger but I noticed my profile button is missing and disable .

Saying my phone number was disable not sure why when I’ve had the same service since I signed up with this account and I’ve had this phone for over 2 years now and it doesn’t recognize my phone . If I’m being blamed for comments and or any other things I want access to my account to delete the account completely. When I haven’t even been on here in a long time.

I’m a front line health care worker and I attend school full time and a single mom I do not have time to fool around with nonsense . I’m a busy person and feel disrespected and unappreciated.

Original review posted by user Apr 19, 2021

I have not logged into my account since November of 2020 and the last post I put on Facebook was in June of 2020. Facebook is not recognizing my phone number or password after I changed it.

I still cannot login. It says my phone number has been disabled and looks like my account has been disabled as well and I want to know why and what is actually going on with my account. I turned on 2 way authorization but it is not working.

It also states that I am limited on how many comments I can post when I havent even been on the flat form as I am trying to recover my account. If this does not get resolved and I dont get a return phone call Im reporting this to the FTC .

User's recommendation: Have live customer support your help online sucks.

Preferred solution: A real person on the phone as to why my account is disabled and doesn’t recognize my phone number or password .

Facebook Cons: Will not explain a lockout.

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