Good morning, my name is Donato Antonio Ferreira! Nice to meet you

I ended up having my account blocked and I only have a few days (19 days) to request an analysis, otherwise my account will be definitively deactivated.

First of all I would like to apologize, if I violated some rule of Facebook, I apologize, I had no intention, I swear I had no knowledge about what I could and what I could not do on Facebook, but please I would like to ask you to look at my case and give me one more chance.

Please, I have this account since 2013, I have many friends, pages, groups, messages from important people that I don't want to lose and can't lose, even my instagram was blocked, because my Facebook account was created together with instagram, that is, I will lose two social networks at once, and I am getting desperate, I can't sleep, I send messages to some emails that I see on the internet but none of them have worked so far, I see myself and I find myself in a desperate situation, please Facebook team, I repeat again if I violated a rule of Facebook, I apologize, and I promise that I will never violate any rule again, I will carefully observe all the rules, but please help me, I love Facebook, I am passionate about Facebook, I can not lose my account. Please help me, help me, give me one more chance, it's horrible to be without Facebook, I can't stand it, it's very difficult, on Facebook I have many contacts, I have many relatives and friends!

Location: Mantenopolis, Espirito Santo

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