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Hope this message,find you well*

So basicly, i'm trying to enter into my Facebook more then 1 year and i'm being asking for help for how to do it and wich proofs or documents i have to "give you " more for go inside without any problem.

So, my ex partner, i left him because he has praticsing domestic violence everyday for me to haveing social media and because he is very obcessive compulsive and stalker, i had to report him and everything. BUT, before i break up with him, he changed the password of my FACEBOOK and the number that is ADD to it and of course he still have acess to my account and don't give to me my details anymore.

The name on my Facebook (Joana Cristina Ferreira) remain the same, but all the rest i don't have acess.

I send already my ID,my passport, i report is account (Tommaso Sarracino) and i'm losing my hope, because this is not fare. I want to relieve my life with my baby daughter and my companion and i can't for several reasons and because i have afraid also that he post something that after or is terrifying or i canno't see or delete.


User's recommendation: I recommend Facebook but be careful with other users.

Location: Milan, Lombardy

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