My account was hacked Saturday March 26th. Since them I have attempted to retrieve my account several times from you guys.

I put in my ID and got it verified by you guys. My email is now on the account. I have been trying to resent my password everyday and every time I put in the code, it says Error at the top of the screen and the code doesn't work. I cant have the code send through the phone because the hacker changed the phone and email on the account since taking over my account.

I fought to get my email on the account. Now I cant get any verification code to work. This whole process has been a complete joke trying to get my account back. No one to talk to, every option ends with error, and this is the first time I have gotten to voice my struggles.

PLEASE HELP ME get back into my account. I dont want other people to get scammed through my account because of this hacker.

If you cannot help me recover the account I would kindly ask for the page to be shut down. Please help me out with getting me back into my account.

User's recommendation: Don't get hacked or else you won't get your page back and you will have no one to talk to about getting the account back.

Location: Afton, Wyoming

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