Ok my account was hacked my profile name is Ace Gambino the email address and phone number associated with the account are hghjennings18@***.com and 516 456 **** my account email has been changed to textrec048@***.com they also changed my phone number and added my email address hghjennings18@***.com to someone elses Facebook account the deedee sparks along with my phone number they also did the same with my instagram account luckily I recovered my instagram account but I have emailed Facebook countless times and have sent my picture Identification as requested nys drivers license I can not recover my account because I use my email address and it bounces me back to deedee sparks Facebook account I also made mention that these individuals are contacting my friends and family members in regards to a government grant program that is actually a scam Ive contacted Facebook but no response I have family members and friends that have reported my account how can a company thats worth billions have such Mediocre service the help center is a joke and solves nothing its an endless loop of ***

Location: Greenville, North Carolina

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