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I want FB to refund me my $30!! They allow these companies to post ads about selling things at great prices but when you buy something they send you a completely different item.

I bought a craft cabinet for $30 I got a plastic shave bag. 99.9% of reviews say the same thing. why are they still allowed to post ads? I'm SURE I'm NOT the ONLY one to compalin.

this is *** reviews on their website are not the same as the reviews on Google or 3rd party review sites. I only read the reviews on their site, I should have known better!! but I got screwed the only problem is that FB is still allowing them to use their platform to rob their users and like I said IM DAMN SURE I'm NOT THE ONLY PERSON TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS SITE. FB needs to take some swift action against all of these companies and hold them responsible for committing consumer fraud, false advertising, theft, grand theft, robbery, deceiving the consumer, fraudulent companies, false information, exploitation, and the list goes on and on.

I'm actually thinking about starting a class action lawsuit against FB for not checking companies' backgrounds before letting them post ads on the platform. Because of this, they have caused HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people to be conned, scammed, and robbed. They have neglected to protect their users against illegal and fraudulent transactions. based on the hundreds of reviews from other buyers it is clear that this is a continuous issue according to the dates of the reviews.

So it's a little hard to believe that no one has ever complained about this before to FB. So by them still having access to screw people using FB tells me that FB just doesn't give a *** about their users and doesn't care that they are being robbed blind!! JUST THINK ABOUT ALL THE MONEY THIS COMPANY HAS MADE OFF OF SCAMMING FB AND IG USERS. Another thing is that when I complained and I wrote an email to the company it suddenly disappeared from the ads, however about an hour later there was another store with the identical layout and color and item choices like the one that robbed me but with a different name!!

They change their store name in a matter of minutes and have several different online stores ALL with different names. When you go on the other sites their catalogs are identical to all the others except for 2-3 items!! I mean come on!! FB needs to talk to their quality control team and tell them to crack down on these *** bc they are stealing our money and Mark SUCKERTURD is letting them do it!!

For someone so smart, smart enough to acquire massive power and money bc of his brain you would think he would see right through these jerks and shut them down? but nooo he's probably the one behind it all just to make more money. I mean why else wouldn't he be getting rid of them? bc, there is probably almost definitely something for him to gain financially from this!

I want to make an example of them and put FAKEBOOK front and center as the ones who are responsible for controlling their platform and protecting their users!

to cause this by allowing them to continue using their platform to rob people, ESPECIALLY DURING THES UNPRECEDENTED TIMES!!! I want JUSTICE FOR EVERY PERSON WHO WAS ROBBED AND SCAMMED FROM THIS COMPANY AND THEIR co-conspirators FACEBOOK!

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: I want to start a class-action lawsuit against Facebook for letting an online store called Linkun rob me and hundreds of other people. This is an ongoing issue with hundreds of victims!.

Facebook Pros: I keep in touch with my people.

Facebook Cons: Allow sellers to run fraud ads and steal money, Have allowed this for years and never did anything, These sellers say they selling u a cabinet, But instead they send you a shave bag.

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