I would like to Submit further

Evidence of an Attempt of a Nigerian Based Group, to gain Access to my FB logon.

I have the Message that was using a Friends Profile picture, to get me to Send a Code (that was sent to my Message Centre of the Ph)

This Code I now Assume, somehow gives them a chance to reset the Password at the Login Access Point,

Thus allowing them take over my Account.

I became suspicious when he( Luke Kelly) my supposed Friend would not ring my phone or give me a Ph N0 to call him.

He asked me to help him to reset his Access to his Account,

by sending him a Code, which I was about to receive via my ph message bank.

He sent me the info photo of the Register a Friend App/Portal to explain it.

He said I was his listed friend to help in Case of being locked out of his FB Account.

I did then Receive a Code N0, of about 6/8 N0's.

And Stupidly Sent it, but as I did, I could make any Sense, asto why, he would not Call.

So I went into my Account &;;;;;;; Deactivated my

FB Account.

It must have worked, as I got a Notification of a Login Attempt Warning, showing a Nigerian FB lite Acc, trying to Logon.

I hit the, It wasn't me ButtTrust your Gut; Ask all the Why Questions you can think of before ActingAdIf it sounds, weird& your Uncertain,Tr Ask k.on.

And He then Asked me to Send a Second Code, as I had obviously stopped the first Attempt.

So I hope this Helps

Kind Regards

Rod Sutton

0434 57* ***


yoAccount for reason.

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

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