Dear Admin ,

I want to open a file request with you.

I hope you are fine and healthy in your country. In Turkey, because of Covid-19 we are not allowed to go out every weekend, Monday and Tuesday.

Economy has to come to a point almost to stop. People like us who do social media management is also in very difficult situation. Advertisement incomes decreased to almost zero. We were earning some money from Instagram to fulfill our daily necessities.

In our hand lastly, there are some accounts that are waiting to be reactivated. You will find related information about them at the below. Until this Covid-19s economic affects decrease, we need your help to survive in the sector and to fulfill our daily stuff. We are really in difficult situation and need your help during this term.

I know that this mail is are from being professionalism.

But things has changed a lot in the World , especially in Turkey that has very fragile economy.

We are looking forward to hear you soon. help me

Account Name and Surname : Deniz Kılıç

E-Mail = dnz.ylz@***.com

User Name : @dnz.ylz

Associated Ad Account ID: 221077****899189


Location: Sinop, Sinop

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