My mother has a problem with her Facebook.

So long story short;

My mother got a message from a friend on Messenger, saying that he couldnt access his account and that my mother would need to send him a code that would be sent to her - as shes one of his trusted contacts if anything happens to his account. She did send the code and later on logged out from her account.

However, when she tried to access it again, she couldnt enter her account at all.

She contacted her friend through texts and asked if he had sent that message to her, to confirm it was him. The friend said that he, indeed, hadnt sent any message to her about any code, but he also had problems getting onto his account.

This most likely mean that both my mothers friend and my mothers account is hacked or attacked by a virus.

We have tried EVERYTHING that the Facebook helpcenter and internet has told us to try out. Nothing seems to work. No text from Facebook with any codes either and she cannot access the helpcenter in the app since she can't access her account AT ALL.

It seems like the hacker/virus has changed phone number or something.

Were all worried that she might have information leaked and that she will lose friends, photos, videos and more - and she got over 700 friends that she doesnt know all the names of (I mean, lets be real, who does).

Shes distressed and its stressing me out to no end. What can we do?


Yvette and Eva Ek

Örebro, Sweden

User's recommendation: Stay away from weird messages.

Location: Stockholm, Stockholm

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