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I was banned for 30 days (again) last week and don't understand why. I commented on a post by someone that denies vaccines, is spreading misinformation and lies and just called out their hypocrisy and ignorance, mind you in a totally non threatening or bullying manner and was banned.

I've had my life threatened on your platform in the recent past, reported the person and they were still posting minutes, hours, days and weeks later so I know they were not dealt with in anyway. Why is this? I've never threatened anyone with anything on FB but others do and seem to get away with it. My son was just banned for 30 days today for explaining to someone what crush and run is.

If you don't know what crush run is, it's leftover slag from metal and steel production that is used to line people's driveways and roads. How is that a violation of community standards? This is getting ridiculous, Facebook needs to adjust their algos or something. I see people post lies, misinformation, disinformation, threats and vulgarities on a daily basis and FB is fine with that.

I disputed my ban but it fell on deaf ears like it always does.

I would like my comment reviewed and hopefully my ban lifted asap. I'm sure nothing will come of this but I'm contacting you with the hope that it will, I've almost completely quit commenting or responding to most post I see and mainly use FB for a group I'm in, when I get out of Zuck jail this time, that and communication with actual friends is all I will use your platform for in the future, I'm done stating my opinion or calling someone out for spreading lies because I suffer ridiculous repercussions for it and it seems the same people can call me names and make threats without suffering any consequences themselves.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Pros: Daily news from famnfriends, Good for communicating with friends, Social media, Friends and family.

Facebook Cons: No way to get in touch with customer service, Fb disables you for no good reason, People misuse it.

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