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I was planning on deleting the page for good. Need no longer use of it.

It's no more valuable to me. Have another social media outlet.

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Bravenet.com require third party cookies when you sign on no exceptions. I spotted Facebook doing handshakes which leads me to suspect Facebook cookies which are notoriously invasive.

I know its most likely Bravenet.com contracted with FB because my login to Yahoo etc do not include FB handshakes! Another gripe is when you contact the help desk the techies always pretend they cannot understand your question. You will write your question clearly pointedly and they will ask you to clarify over again and again. When they offer an explanation it is often using vague excuses or obscure allusions.

This kind of costs me time even if not money. They probably contract with their intel services to mine customer data. My concern is this isnt being told to me as a client. Why must my data be collected by parties or foreign countries, possibly several of them, without my knowledge or consent?

I am not even offered a disclaimor or notice of any kind who these collectors are and for what purpose? Bravenet.com collects a alot of information through my websites and archives and this kind of third party sharing is not legitimate and exploitative in nature.

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