I have been on Facebook for years. And twice someone has used my site to say, & do bad things on it, so my friends said, who were contacted by that unknown person.

So I wrote to the supposed helpline, to report it, & I ended up being the one facebook cut off. I think this is unfair to me, I am a Christian, & don't say or do nothing bad, Vile or unbecoming on Facebook. Facebook is the only way I can keep in touch with some of relatives, & friends, as they are spread across the country from Alaska to Michigan, & Mexico, & all in between. So it, deeply hurts me that I was so ujust be yourselfjnfairly cut off.

My name is Norma J. Luster.

My email is: lusternormaj@***.com You can text me at: 907-671-****, if you need more verification. Thank you Norma

Location: Seattle, Washington

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