I thought Facebook was a basically a secure account and this Michelle Doll from another country just took over everything of mine and I couldnt even get in it! , also my personal email and you guys were even calling me Michelle in letters you wrote .

Im not that computer smart and I guess I depended on Facebook and Apple to secure it. Not only that now before I can post things in surrounding areas around me I have to wait 3-4 months because they said Im new to Facebook ! So things that I want to comment on or buy or even sell I cant do because it shows me as new and Ive had a Facebook account since 2005 with never a problem. There should be a way that you can make it totally secure for Facebook users where we dont have to go through the pain, inconvenience of being scammed and then we have to be like a new user?

Thats not right , was she given a hard time hopefully shes blocked off everything permanently for stealing! People like that need to be punished for stealing other peoples identity. Im glad to be back on Facebook but I would appreciate it if you could not list my account née so I could do some of the things I enjoy doing with the other groups. I was the victim and I feel like Im having to suffer yet because of it .

Thanks for listening. Judith Downs

Location: New Boston, Michigan

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