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I have been following a page titled kaitlin bennet. Why is it that one; obscene ads can be posted and not removed due to this b.s of "NOT FOLLOWING COMMUNITY STANDARDS", but when someone responds to Trump bashing, we're scensored and silenced but the Trump bashers who bully others with their ridiculous and ignorant untrue posts, that they are not scilenced.

There was no bullying other that of the individual(s) who post hate speech towards President Donld Trump. Is being a far left wing radical a requirement to be employed as a fb post checker. Why is it that freedom of speech and a right to defend oneself only a privilege that only liberal fb employees and liberal fb members can have. Are ya'll so afraid of the truth that you would allow Trump bashing comments to not be removed but only comments that defend what he has done for our country to be the only comments that ARE removed.

Is it also a prerequisite to be employed by fb to be petty. I intend to spend every waking moment contacting the FCC, "Fox" news and every other source possible along with word of mouth to share with others the blatent disregard for ones privacy and freedom of speech and expression that has become more than obvios you only grant to those who are against Donald J.Trump. oh and just a reminder, the current administration you clearly defend and allow select others to defend is responsible for the murders of 13 U.S Marines, countless Afghanistan nationalists, has crippled our economy, and has the lowest rating in Presidential history!!!! There!, theres your bullying as you so call refer to.

Stop being petty and unrestrict my acct.

There are a few family members i can only follow by fb and they are ill. GROW UP!!!!

User's recommendation: Yeah, DO NOT GET A FB ACCOUNT!!!

Preferred solution: An apology, my acct unrestricted , obscene ads removed, less scensoring of Republicans and or equal scensoring of Liberals/demoncrats. Most importantly....AN OUNCE OF UNBIASED COMMON SENSE FROM YOUR LITTLE POST CHECKERS !!!.

Facebook Cons: Help center is garbage to help people resolved their issues.

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