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I got a new phone and everything was transferred onto my new phone I went to my Facebook and it asked me to login I logged into my Facebook account and it told me to put in my password I put in my password it said that my password was changed which I never changed my password it said it was changed on Friday which that isn't true because I was on Facebook Saturday and Sunday and Monday and yesterday when I try to log in it told me that the password was changed and there's no way for me to get into it because they want to send a code to my phone number which I don't have that phone number anymore I've had this Facebook since 2007, and I do not have that phone number, so I don't know what else to do I need to get into my Facebook I have a lot of information on there if you can please help me or suggest something thank you hope to hear from you soon and my new number is 916-586-**** and the old number was 916-254**** and my Facebook login is Patsy197@***.com so if you can please contact me at my phone number which is 916-586-**** and my name is Patsy Castro thank you and if you need my new email address which is pcastro196079@***.com

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