Someone pretended to be Ron a friend of my moms I dont have his last name because I cant get to Facebook because I am booted out of my account this person told me that I won a cash grant which wasnt true I linked on the link and then gave them my email and Facebook password because they said it was for security and I was stupid enough to give it to them and now they took my Facebook and said that if I dont pay them I will never get it back because Im a stupid American. I also noticed that they change my email my current email and always been the same email for Facebook I have never changed it although I have a secondary email and Ive use that to try and recover my account because they also have my email so now Im using This person played off the fact that my mom died and a friend of hers reached out to me they use that persons profile and is now contacting people on my friends list so they can give them their information and do the same thing to them I would really like my Facebook back because I have a lot of memories on there especially with my mother who has passed away like I said I was stupid enough to give my information and because Im warning my mom I dont want to use that as an excuse but it definitely played a part because Im usually not that gullible or naïve please help me I really would like my Facebook backSad Sincerely Latania Garbinski I have also uploaded my drivers license many times I would hope that should be sufficient enough if so can you please track the email that has been used for my profile because that person is the one that stole my identity and that person should be prosecuted because theyre doing it to many other people as well including the friend of my moms they pretended to be

Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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