There is someone on facebook is posting threads along with my pictures on his page day in and day out. He got my pictures from my page because my account wasn't private, but made it private now after this incident.

He is constantly stating that I'm a scammer, a con artist, and a fraud. He is stating that i scammed him out of his money in an import and export deal in china. I dont live in *** china nor i have any experience in import or export.

Come to find out, he was dealing with my brother. The deal went south because the guy never finished paying the costs for the products as well as shipping costs. They tried to rip off my brother from his commission on the container. So my brother put a stop on the production and shipment until the balance is due.

This guy somehow found my account online and tried to get me as a mediator between him and brother. I tried to get to a middle ground but failed. One day i wake up and i see posts about me online that I'm a scammer. My reputation has been ruined because a lot of people contacted me informing me of the posts. I reached out to the guy and asked him why would you bite the hand that tried to help. He bluntly said that he is willing to go way and beyond in order for him to get what he wants, even if that means defaming you and using it as a pressure card. The guy is so dumb because all of the conversation between him and I are in my possession admitting his intentions.

User's recommendation: Facebook doesn't stand by its policy and procedure.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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