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Update by user Apr 26, 2021

No responce from facebook what so ever

Original review posted by user Apr 25, 2021

Hello Facebook legal. I understand the facebook community standards pretty good. That said, I try and practice it to the best of my abilities. But when I am attacked online or constantly see misinformation that I have reported go unpunished or not removed, I get angry. I have been restricted for calling a person who was attacking me a "tool". Then I took it upon myself to find other posts where people were calling people tools and reported them for it and there post was not removed nor were they restricted. I have been restricted for telling people who are claiming covid is a lie. I reported there posts and nothing was done about it , and not just once but many many times over. None were punished for that. Oh I have been successful a few times but for the most part, the people I have reported posted things way worse then I ever did. Now as of late, I was again restricted for sticking up for the masses from a man who claimed the Pandemic was not real and calling me a sheep for following health guide lines. I simply told him by all means feel free to go out where ever you want to. contract covid take it home to your family and lets see how that goes over. BAM I am restricted. Now By no means do I ever want anyone to get covid, being I have had two friends of mine die from it. But this man was doing nothing but spreading lies and misinformation on a huge level. I am sure others have reported this man being he is on Facebook all the time spreading his utter nonsense, yet his posts remain. Now I have had enough. During this pandemic I have been banned probably 4-6 times for fighting the good fight. Doing the job Facebook should be doing. Trying to correct these clueless idiots and teach them something being Facebook isn't doing anything about them. Yet I get banned. Oh and yes I have been banned for calling some of these people idiots. Which they were and you know it. But your very poor running automated bots feel it necessary to restrict me during a pandemic for only doing what needed to be done. Which brings me to my final statement. Facebook is leaving it self open for a law suit being you are not doing what you are suppose to b e doing and that is restricting people who are telling lies and spreading misinformation all over your site. I get picked on for standing up to these clowns and restricted for doing whats right, yet they can continue to spread hate and dangerous misinformation that affects everyone who reads it. I want my Jeff Sturm account unrestricted . This is not right what you are doing and its driving me crazy. I am literally looking into suing Facebook for this. I feel I am being targeted unfairly while others who are causing me to go after them get off Scott free and continue to spread misinformation that I have reported time and time again to no avail. . To ban someone for going after a person who is making a joke about covid and claiming its BS , thats not right. I should be given a medal being Facebook is NOT doing their job. And they are not. I cant even contact anyone at Facebook to discuss this with, yet you continue to ban me for frivlous reasons while letting the mouth pieces who tick everyone off get away with it. This is wrong on so many levels its not funny! YOU are causing me great stress and hardship being Facebook is my only way of communicating with friends during this pandemic. I am depressed and feel my words mean nothing to you yet the people upsetting everyone are allowed to continue to do just that. I want my account unrestricted and i want it done soon with an apology. What I did I did for everyone, not just me. These idiots and tools need to be out right banned from your site. But your not doing that are ya? And that will be the basis for my law suit. Your bots and lack of people policing your site is ridiculous to say the least. I cannot look at anyone sideways for fear of being restricted. Yet again people can shoot others down claiming we are sheep, dumb, idiots for following health guide lines and *** nothing more then sticking up for ourselves and others who are being bullied by these disgusting people you allow to post continuously! I want my restriction removed. You may be a private company, but you are not following your own community standards by allowing these people to continue to post BS. It was only 1 second after I posted that I was flagged and punished for my comment, Yet these people who spread lies can post and post and post and they get no warnings, nothing!! Explain that to a judge!!!! I mean its right in your community standards that they are not allowed to post misinformation nor lies nor hate . Yet you allow it OBVIOUSLY! Because I read it every day and report it and then you get back claiming it doesn't break the community standards you have . *** I even reported another 4-5 posts where a person called another person a "tool" and I got a response from you all saying it does not break your community standards.. So what gives? How is it that when I call someone a tool or idiot, I get restricted, yet others do it and you are ok with it? THAT RIGhT there leaves you open for a law suit you cannot win. You have no consistency what so ever. And that is dangerous. I want my account unrestricted or I will take further action. This has gone on long enough and this guy is done being picked on by your bots for no reason at all! That is called discrimination and you know it. Please make this right.

Thank you for your time


Angry Facebook user

Jeff Sturm

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: I want my account unrestricted and I also want any strikes against me gone. I cant look at someone the wrong way or I get restricted for nothing more then sticking up for myself being Facebook wont do it..

Facebook Pros: Keep in contact with friends through this pandemic.

Facebook Cons: People spreading misinformation not punished.

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