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So after 12 years of having the same account someone decides to report me for not using my government name. This is because Facebook would not allow me to set up my account with my “real” last name.

The error was something like that doesn’t appear to be your true last name. Who is Facebook to tell me what my name should be? So I used my first name twice. With all the “Gloria KeepingItReal Taylor”s and “Tyrone NeverGivingUp Washington”s I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

So my account was disabled 5 months ago. Facebook sent me an email saying I needed to send in a photo ID to reactivate my account. Really? For social media?

Ok it said I could black out all personal information like address license number etc. they just needed my name and photo. Done. I get an email back saying they couldn’t see the information they needed to see on the document I provided.

Um... you told me to black out everything but my name and photo so I did. After reading acceptable documents, I then sent in my social security card with the number blacked out, my birth certificate and a bank statement with just the personal info blacked out. 4 forms of ID and they still won’t unlock my account.

I tried to set up a new account twice. They shut both down for “unusual activity” I now have a business and made a business page and guess what? Yep that’s right. They shut that down too for “unusual activity.” I didn’t even get to make any activity so I assume they’re just going to shut down every account I make from this IP address (my phone) too bad.

I was going to pay them for advertising my new business. So glad I didn’t waste my money on this *** company. They’re way to invasive of privacy. My ID really?

All social media let’s you create whatever user name you want. Instagram, Twitter, you name it. But not Facebook. And the worst part is there is no one to help you resolve it.

A billion dollar company with no customer service number, no legitimate email or online chat service. Nothing. All your friends, posts and photos gone whenever Facebook feels like it. I never posted nudity, harassment, hate speech, anything political, just posts about my life for 12 years gone.

Pictures of my kid as a baby. Gone. Because I relied on Facebook to keep my memories and after 12 years they shut down my account in 2 seconds. Facebook you truly are a *** company for what you did to me and others who’ve experienced this.

After researching the issue I know I’m not the only one.

So many have went through this same situation with no cause. I advise others to save your info and delete your account before Facebook does for no reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

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I am about to delete my private Facebook account (right now it is deactivated) because no matter how many times I tell them I don't want, don't care and don't know these people, when I log on monthly, I get a list of "people you may know". Their privacy, not only for me, but for the dozens of unknown and unsuspecting people whose pictures they send me is absolutely ludicrous.

I only check to see the legitimate business pages of a few friends.

They have double standards. It has gotten out of hand right now.


My entire account was closed and terminated a long time ago because of me who was being rude to people that I don't know when they are actually strangers.