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To whom it may concern,

My Facebook name is Cowan Willam which is spelled wrong but yall wont let me correct it for starters. However you reported my comment to my best friends if I tell you Ill have to kill you which wasnt a threat if so he would have reported it we were only joking if you go look at my pic youll see he jokes under them.

Also I purchased food through doordash and the driver decided to steal my food and never deliver it and I was upset I hadnt ate all day then to turn around and get the order replaced then they canceled it because they closed early because the power went out I was upset. I was speaking with my coworker about the situation the person isnt on my Facebook and I wasnt communicating any threats I was talking in general which is my freedom of speech first amendment.

It does also seem a lot of black Ive notice been saying fb been reporting them and its starting to seem like the people who work for yall are racist. Then you cant express yourself because the automated system yall have automatically Denys you because its odd you can click you felt it was wrongfully done then in 5 mins you denied again but you cant respond to other messages oh wow I never did anything but express my feelings not even directly to anybody just in general and you denied me that right.

User's recommendation: Report Facebook racist and bias behavior.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Profile.

Preferred solution: My page to be unblocked .

Facebook Pros: Facebook block.

Facebook Cons: Customer service is not available by phone, Bullying sites.

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