Good morning, my name is Joe Gouveia. My account has been blocked for 10 days, It said it was suppose to be 72 hours, but it was been 10 days and nothing has been resolved, I have other business accounts under my name and it's kinda hurting my business cuz I can't receive any messages or send messages.

Account was blocked due to inappropriate video that I sent as a PRIVATE MESSAGE, I was not aware sending private messages was against policy, it was a funny video, however, in my culture its normal, but facebook deemed it to be child photography cuz it was kids on the video, as I mentioned, I grew up in Africa and we did all of that stuff as kids, I apologize for sending such video, but I was NOT AWARE that it was against policy if I sent it in a private message to my girlfriend. I disagreed with the decision due to the fact that I was not aware of the violation if it were through a private message and not shared on my wall or tagged anyone on it. Can you please help me and reset my account. This incident will not repeat itself, now that I know it is against Facebook Policy..

My sincere apologies.. Please HELP

Thank you,


Location: Fall River, Massachusetts

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