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My FB account Lili Daskalova was blocked on 12.12.2021 probably because I opened both my account on my PC and on my mobile phone, I also send several messages to friends of mine because it was the 3. Advent.

That's why I would like kindly to ask you to unblock my FB account because to write in FB is for me the only possibility to be connected with other people and friends. Given that I am a widow since a year, FB is my only connection with my sons, friends in my country Bulgaria and friends in Grief groups mostly in Germany as well connection for a job search necessary for my son.

Thats why I would appreciate very much if you UNBLOCK my account before Christmas in order to get access to friends and family members through FB. FB helped me to overcome the loneliness after the recent big loss of my beloved husband.Please, unblock my profile Lili Daskalova

User's recommendation: when you have problems with a social media.

Preferred solution: I would like my FB account Lili Daskalova to be unlocked as soon as possible. I need it because it is the only way to stand in contact with my relatives and friends..

Facebook Pros: Connect with distant friends, Ease of usage.

Facebook Cons: Msrket place, Fb promotes fake companies.

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