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KayLea Fleming made a comment at me

That said if you honestly think those two scenarios are in any way comparable. Youre beyond hope.

That is bullying.

It is not ok. Saying someone is beyond hope is bullying. I reported the comment and your team said it was ok despite the fact that it is blatant bullying. I expect that her opinion be deleted immediately.

An opinion is I disagree you should get vaccinated for xyz reason not that you are beyond hope for having an opinion.

This should be against facebooks community stantards and I will not rest until this comment is removed.

If Facebook supports bullying, I will start advertising this. This is not a difference of opinions, this is calling me beyond hope because of my opinion. Thats like saying youre a moron if you agree with this controversial thing. It is bullying.

You will accept that this is bullying or I will take down Facebook.

Remove her comment immediately before I take this further. It is clear that Facebook took a political stance on the vaccine since they will not remove the comment

I am fully vaccinated but no more than a hand full of people being fired from their jobs because their jobs will not allow medical exemption.

People like KayLea Fleming and corporations like Facebook are only further exacerbating the problem.

Stop bullying. Eliminate her comment as well as many others.

Retrain your team on what bullying is. Because as it stands your team agrees that its ok to end peoples lives based on opinions.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: KayLea Fleming’s Facebook removed and all other bullying to be taken seriously. .

Facebook Cons: Allows bullying.

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Also you are not going to get $100000 just because someone is bullying you. Especially since you would need a parent to help you hire a lawyer.


Also you cannot take down FaceBook, if you could KayLea could easily try to take down this website since you are bullying her. Besides since you broke the rules and conditions of FaceBook(you have to be 13 or over to have a FaceBook account) you have no case.


Technically by posting about her you are bullying her on this site.

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