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I have a 21 yr old daughter that is mentally disabled and physically disabled.She is being bullied on Facebook so bad I have 2 police reports and a lot of Facebook messages recordings and messages that is just awful.They are out of state so local police can not act but they are bullying her so bad she has tried commenting suicide after they told her she was to ugly to live and they would help her kill herself all I have proof of every bit I have copy of there texts and calls .I have blocked them they put her in a Facebook group chat and somehow get to her .She has changed old profile and made a completely new one they got that too .Please help me investigate this so I can have a little peace.I want them all banned from Facebook if I have to get a lawyer I will this is a crime and I can prove all of this .Until you read this u have no idehoq to w bad my child is being bullied on Facebook.Its a crime and I want to be contacted at 256-293-**** .Please help me before I bury my child

Preferred solution: All these kids that has bullied my disabled child to this point to be banned from Facebook.They are dangerous to your company and to all other disabled children .

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