We are a few rare ones who dont have a FB account because we just do the old way of communicating (e.g. telephone, regular mail or email).

My husband owns a bookstore. He mentioned to me that several of the customers suggested to open a FB business account. I decided to open an account using the home desktop computer. It allowed me to create a password but the screen was frozen.

I mentioned it to my husband that night and he mentioned that he created an account awhile back. So I logged back in using his name. For the 2nd time logging into the home desktop computer, the screen was frozen. I decided to do a research and found that I need to login to his iPad.

I had to do a password forgot on the 2nd & 3rd attempts. On the 3rd attempt using the iPad, it went further than the password with a warning that the account has 27 days to be disabled.

This account was/is not hacked. It is simply an operator error.

Can you please help us unfreeze the account of Burbankmilitarybooks2@***.com (Alfred Johnson)

Please let me know if you have any question.

Thank you for your help.

Alfred and Wilma Johnson

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